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Your grandpa always told you two things: "Boy, if you wanna be rich, you gotta learn enchanting. Everyone loves enchanted stuff." and "Boy, if you wanna get girls, you gotta get money". While those words didn't mean much to you growing up, with puberty hitting, you suddenly developed a keen interest in the qualities of being rich.

-Become a master enchanter and forge weapons that will shake the very ground!

-Your skills will get better by in game upgrades and by you, as the player, learning how to better combine things!

-A never seen before enchanting mechanic, taking inspiration from the cartograph and scrabble!

-Meet a cute raccoon girl, a demon that hates dealing with customers and (maybe) find the harem ending!

-Enchant weapons with subsets of the elements, in endless combinations!

-Sell those weapons to a plethora of zany classes

-Travel to far away places, to learn more, specialized elements like poison or magnetism (and maybe peek on girls in an onsen...)!

-Voice work by AmeafterDark, DornVA and artwork by ArcanePlaza & Jasper!

The Girls:
-Tayla: A cute racoonish tomboy girl, who will handle delivery and procuring of your stock. She is energetic and adventurous (in all the way you'd want a girl to be adventurous), but might actually have a pure soul.

-Zell:The demon girl who hates customer, but gets hired as a store clerk since she is kinda cute. She would love to be serious, but tends to mess up and is a bit of clutz at times.

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AuthorShady Corner
TagsAdult, ecchi, Erotic, Female Protagonist, Hentai, Lewd, Magic, NSFW, nudity