Hot Fix 1.50 Shady Lewd Kart

Thanks for waiting on the bugs peeps. We have been working hard to find them and squash them no matter how hot they are ;) Below are the list of fixes and changes for the new build. Including getting the last achievments, the unlocks and the events being cloned!


General changes

Changed B1 Bonger key to be a frog
Made Snapback cap to be turned backwards
Updated billboard near Silvie's Garage in Shady Speedway and Metal Madness Speedway
Setup Frank's own intro music
Setup Dealer's own intro music
Updated Shadesona skin sprites
Updated intro

Removed duplicate images in fanart gallery
Updated fanart gallery


Made checkpoints before and after fountain turnaround in Leisure Sleaze Apocalypse track not show Wrong Way sign
Fixed Metal Silvie's voice clips
Made graffitis and posters react correctly to light and fog
Made pause menu only appear on the player that paused the game in versus mode
Made pause menu smaller so it fits splitscreen
Made both players able to use the pause menu
Fixed countdown bug after pausing in versus mode
Fixed Hat menu in versus mode showing overflowing hats for Player 1
Tweaked checkpoint placement in Pumpkin Chaos
Fixed mission-based events having their rules applied to other events played afterwards
Fixed billboard at the end of Leisure Sleaze Apocalypse
Re-snapped corner piece in Flambeau's Mansion and Pumpkin Chaos
Re-snapped misaligned terrain in Sexy Beach Resort
Lowered Palmtree that had base showing up in Sexy Beach Resort
Fixed floating grass tufts in Bonetown
Removed extra parking floor behind up ramp at the start of parking building in Bonetown
Fixed Dealer's intro in gallery
Added button-mashing protection to dialogue end
Fixed Frank intro text
Removed Ducky's artist credits image from Slasher's panties image
Updated Dodgy Dave's unlock sprite
Fixed bug with end of demo scene trying to open after cup ending


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Sep 20, 2022

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y'all work real hard and i honestly admire and respect all you do to make this one of the best sex comedy games out there, AND a fantastic kart game!


That means alot to me and the team! Thank you so much!!!