Spooky Lewd Kart Update 2022

What a jam packed Halloween update! Thank you so so much for waiting. It was a tough update to make and a few last minute changes but we got there in the end.

First before we start with what is new there are a few BUGS we know about and are working on.

BUG: Dark Terry's Wheels Are Not Animating

BUG: The Unlocking Bar Isnt Animating BUT Will Unlock Stuff When You Go To the Next Screen

BUG: The event bar for 2022 has two images stacked on each other

BUG: Billboard images are missing from Sleeze Apocolypse

Now lets talk new content. With the Slime Girls Smoothies event, bringing the girls the drink orders you can unlock Cherry, Berry and Plum. But also get Mint with Lock N Lewd and a special 4way image if you own Slime Girl Smoothies!

Flipwitch team has allowed us to use their sexy designs to create two new skins for Dealer and Sunny including a hot unlock to satisfy the upcoming fans of the game! Also Vanilla's Hat from Con Quest will be added to the mix to really push the Witch content!

A Shred N Tear armor which also introduces model animating live with each racer!

New cosmetics such as Pup Ears, Gas Mask, Professor Silvie, a new sexy rod ride and Dark Terry! And all new voice over work from Mel McMurren (Twisted Metal Series).

And also the previous events for spooky month have returned so if you have not got any of the content your missing from 2021 and 2020 you can unlock them now!

As always stop by the server discord to let us know about any bugs you may find. There will be a few much like the ones we mentioned before! And you dont have long for these events so get out there and start racing around and getting this sweet new sexy hot content and unlock those images!

Thank you peeps! This has been a fun update! Next one will Be Xmas ;) So if you want to see anything first then our Patreon is the place to be and support Shady Lewd Kart!


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