Roadmap for the Next Release!

Since we are out of the public Demo zone its time to talk what will be in the next step.

As you can see we have covered up some of the more exciting and secret stuff, such as new characters, name of the tracks and more.

But this gives you an idea of what will be coming. A thicc sticky load of updates! Time Trial is next for you peeps as I can see you want to make your scores known. And physical rewards for the best times would be amazing ;) Yep you heard right!

Silvies Shop will be opening. Which means more things to unlock! What could she be selling?

Talia will be ready to date in the next phase. So fans of Future Fragments get ready to powerslide them panties!

There is so much to say but hey ;) Why spoil it now. Though we could very soon reveal the next character....stay tuned ;)

Get Shady Lewd Kart (Demo)

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