Time Trial & Secret Character!

There is a lot to talk about in this one image. First up time trial is complete in its design. We are just making sure its polished and balanced before we ship it to you peeps!

The top right you always start with 3 boosts per time trial. Giving you that edge out on the track. Boosting is the key but we want you to get creative with some free items too.

The Time Coins (what we have been calling them here at the office) are more rare than normal ShadyBux. Each coin will pause the clock for a few miliseconds. But if you stack them you can stop the clock to gain some traction back on laps.

This means you could have one killer lap and two average OR strategize on the coin placement and go for three full laps of time crunching record breaking!

Also the bottom right showcases a character...one we havent shown off yet...who is she. Well I can say this...she is interested in your times around the track. So hey...maybe there is a way to get to know her a bit better ;)

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