Final Build Incoming and Actual Release!

As of last week we finished Slime Girl Smoothies! It has been a long road but it is at last done. Thank you to all the testers that gave their time to the cause. It has helped to get the last few game breaking bugs out of the game.

What does that mean? Well we are locking in a date hopefully for the end of this month for Slime Girl Smoothies as the official release date! Meaning everyone around the globe can play with our girls for the first time! As for you patreons we will be sending out keys a few days earlier so you can start enjoying and getting off to the content earlier. We want everyone that backed the game to get some special time with the girls!

We started with Pantsu Dreams, Flambeau, Lewdware, Shady Lewd Kart, Marble Maid and now we are here at the next chapter. Making these games has been a fun ride to not only showcase what we can do to show you how sexy games can have actual gameplay but share and enjoy fetishes together! We have a lot more in store for the girls after its release and no doubt some sneaky bugs will make their way into the game as we go forward.

What about after Slime Girl Smoothies? What about Kart crossover content or any more games with Shades slime girls? Well you will just have to wait and see! For now keep an eye on your patreon inboxes and emails for the keys as we send them out to each of you to enjoy the game! Get messy with my ladies!


Slime Girl Smoothies (Early Access) 1 GB
Jun 27, 2022

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Can't wait!!! Congrats to everyone involved