Slime Girl Smoothies DLC Announced!


I am pleased to announce we have started design work on a special thank you DLC! Milkshakes with Lemon!

Slime Girl Smoothies will have an extra staff hand with this southern drawl gal, voiced by PixieWillow she brings to the bar milk related drinks, a new hazard to overcome in making drinks and a new story that will expand on the universe of SGS!

Also with this will come the edition of the game that will bring Slime Girl Smoothies to a more definitive state. We are adding some extra sketches, behind the scenes and a few new drinks so even if you dont get the DLC you will get something on top of the game itself.

The DLC will be free to Patreon's of the tier for Slime Girl Smoothies and Beta Testers as it will cost less than the base game. But if you want to snag this DLC when it drops and be sent a code we would love the support.

Production on this little piece has been slow. I recently finished writing the story for Lemon, and advised Pixie on the direction of her voice. I spent a while tryin to find the right look and feel I wanted for her as well as where she fits into the world.

But as of recently Pix (our artist) and our coder Schneer both had computer issues so we have been taking care of them. We hope to have this DLC wrapped up for the new year! Something a little extra for you fans of this new IP 🙂

So if there was anytime to support now is the time, we have beta testing for the DLC coming up, as well as Under the Hood and our new mode in Shady Lewd Kart. Behind the scenes and even merch we will send out every few months. Every $ helps us to bring these projects to life and I want this DLC to be for the team. So I decided they will earn the profit from this one on their own as a thank you. This is for them. So help us get it to the finish line.

Stay tuned as we announce more of our upcoming projects!

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