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No manager for installer unkown. How to solve it

No manager for installer unkown

My computer when installing the game shows this error message whether the download source file or the computer is win11 operating system


definitely not worth 20 bucks i can tell yall that much


heh, your post was 69 days ago


hey whenever i try to play the demo it says "a fatal error has occured bulkdata compressed header read error. this package may be corrupt" any idea how to fix it?

Hi, I can't find the button to interact with the challenge Madame Herba

how to play in vr?

I'm not sure if I'm just missing something, but there's no ZIP file to download other than the Demo. Am I installing and unzipping the demo, or am I missing the zip file I need to properly install the game?

I tried to follow the steps given to me in the file with the path, but I still can't open the zip, you could see a step by step video on how to download it and get it working
help me please

Hello, I bought the game and I tried to unzip the file that I was told to unzip (not the other one) but It still will not let me unfortunately .


The game will not extract from zip file!

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Hello, could I add you on discord to ask you a few questions before I purchase?

I hope there will be some shrinking/giantess stuff in the future. Especially with Herb. Like what if MC finds growth potion and slips into her brew on the stove and she just grows (slightly or really filling the cave) OR if he shrink her doll-size but she still dominates him in that temporary small state with all faniliar routine from her normal size but now MC handholds her. 

Anyways, just Wenting out, game is already awesome as it is , simply marvelous especially Herb part,

how do you get the controller to work with the game?

This looks exactly like Hero's Journey on steam, what's the difference between the two?


There is no difference. They are exactly the same game.

Im wondering if this game will get uptade/continue, if yes - when?

this game is finished. There will be a sequel but it will take a long time in production.

I can install part two but with part 1 it gives me this error:

opening archive: creating zip extractor: not a valid zip file

ANy idea what this causes and from what end it needs to be fixed?

Im having trouble with litterally everything besides dowloading it i have attempted to follow the steps given to me in the path file but i still cant seem to open the zip could you maybe to a step by step video on how to download it and get it running

Hello Akagiplays, can you tell me what zip program you are using. Are both zip files located in the same area when you unpack them?

Ive used rar and zipware and yes they are in the same area when i unpack them i just seem to be missing a step or sumthing of the sort

Can I add you on Discord?

Deleted 48 days ago

NOTE: You must download both zip files and extract the zip in order for them to unpack. Then follow the instructions for the uncensored patch located below called UTW

I need help, I keep getting an error while opening the game.


Hello Pmauj, what is the error your getting?

Deleted 302 days ago

please add another payment method other than paypal?

Cant extract file?


The System cannot find the file specified.

Seek Error in file.

wait isn't this game already on steam? 


Correct: it is the same game made by the same creator.

i see. i already bought the game on steam long ago wondering if there’ll be continuations after episode 1 

i saw the option to select one of two episodes in the demo, but after i played the first one it won't let me choose the other. how can i fix this?

So on the menu you should be able to select return to episode selection from there :)



I only have a button that says 'Episode I' and when I press it nothing happens.

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I wish more games had female protagonists- as an extremely weird and horny Lesbian, playing as a guy all the time leaves a little to be desired ^^; (But the game looks great! Very nice!)

i cant install this keeps giving me an error code any one know how to properly download this?

hello :) have you used the install instructions we provided in the pinned comment?

how do i install this

we have added a step by step in the pinned update :)

if I buy the game here will I get the extra content down the road from the un5 build or should I wait to play it after the un5 game is done and available to buy?

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It does not open with WinRAR, it just finishes the process and i don't know where I can find the ready game (it's version 1_8)

Have you also tried using WIN Zip and 7Zip?

It still does not work. Could the problem be my laptop? Do I need a Computer? 

It unzips, but there is not the ready game


is the game dead or we can have more updates? it is the best i'v ever played plz answe


Games being remade on UE5 but from the patreon it seems like there already done making the content and just have to finish the game part

can I play episode 1 in the demo version?


I feel dumb but how do I buy

Payment may be made via paypal or Stripe.

Ive now bought it but it wont let me download either through itch, just says not valid zip file :(

have you used winrar?

I might be dumb but I dont understand how to use winrar for this game?

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