New Build 6.1 + Demo!

Hello everyone! Thank you for the feedback to the developer and I am still trying to get to as many of you as I can in regards to any issues. A new version has been uploaded. Version 6.1 so be sure to download it and use the new patch and follow the instructions. The main focus on this build is Traditional Chinese subs! With a few extra polishes and touches.

Also we have a demo for you peeps who want to give it a spin before paying for the game! We hope you enjoy this and apoligies it was not on the page sooner for people to try.

Once again thank you for the support and kind words I have been showing the developer and communicating with him in regards to any of your questions.

- Shades


Jul 08, 2022
Under The Witch Trial (Demo) 1.6 1 GB
Jul 08, 2022
UnderTheWitchEp0&1 Part1of2 3 GB
Jul 08, 2022
UnderTheWitchEp0&1 Part2of2 3 GB
Jul 08, 2022

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