Flambeau DLC & New Games Going Forward!

It has been over a year since we released our first full beast Flambeau. Our lewd top down puzzle sex adventure. We cannot thank you enough for the love you have given her. Its been such a learning curve, getting an idea of game marketing, feedback on gameplay, things we could do better and things we got right.

We adore Flambeau and part of our promise was to create two full fledged DLC for the game. Now this year has been tough with me personally, and with Kart taking full focus on my next big production Ive been trying to find my footing with where to go next.

If I did in the future I dont think I would promise DLC not for the fact of coming back later to do it but because my ideas become too big. Like huge. Ive rewritten the Flambeau DLC dozens of times trying to create something simple and yet it gets away from me each time.

It also made me realize that you would want something a bit more beefy. So Ive decided to take each DLC and put the money we got from it and the experience into two sort of spinoff parts to Flambeau. Its hard to explain now but they will be set in the same universe. Creating new characters and still having our thicc candle waifu.

The second game which was DLC at some point has become quite a change from Flambeau's first outing so we are quite excited to get you to try her little adventure we have cooking. As for the third. We know what we want to do but dont want to say what it is just yet. What we can say is it will take the Flambeau concept and give it everything we wanted it to have in the first version. But a new take on the idea.

Now to the people who have paid for Flambeau and still expect the free DLC. I will be honoring it! If you bought Flambeau before this post then you will get the next two games keys for free even if you are NOT a part of the patreon tier and you own the game. You just need to email us at ross@evmproductions.com or contact me via discord when the games launch to showcase your library of games you have so we can confirm you own Flambeau.

We hope you are excited for this direction for Flambeau as we are. She is our first girl so we want to take her even further not with DLC but just a bit more. Because of you we have grown <3 Thank you for keeping this lewd train going!

More Shady Lewd Kart news so hang tight peeps <3


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