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Slime Girl Smoothies

Prepare to see a lot of jugs while mixing up some very wacky drinks in this Slime Girl bar puzzle! 路 By Shady Corner


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Lemon isn't impressed!
Article: Lemon isnt impressed. How can you upset this shortstack!!!! Well if you join our patreon you can see more behind...
Slime Girl Smoothies DLC Announced!
OUR PATREON: I am pleased to announce we have started design work on a special thank you D...
Slime Girl Smoothies Joins Shady Lewd Kart!
With the Slime Girls Smoothies event, bringing the girls the drink orders you can unlock Cherry, Berry and Plum. But also get Mint with Lock N Lewd and a specia...
New Bug Fixes & Soft Lock Fix!
New Bug Fixes for Slime Girl Smoothies, We had a few interesting new bugs but we think all the fruit flies are squashed! -If resetting the games save file it wi...
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Bug Update - Slime Girl Smoothies
New build for your trainees, we fixed a few bugs that escaped overnight and got into the drinks. But hey let us know if we got them all cause at this point we t...
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Patch Fix (Cleaning Glasses & Counter tops)
Hey Slime Girl Trainees! We have made few small bug changes and fixes. Let us know how we are doing and hope these small things give the game the extra polish m...
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Slime Girl Smoothies OUT NOW!
Slimegirl Smoothies is out today! The bar is open and we are ready to serve up some tasty drinks from the hearts of these sexy ladies! If you have bought the ga...
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Slime Girl Smoothies Launches August 29th!
Slime Girl Smoothies launches August 29th! With an amazing cast of voices, artwork and a story that will give you lewd and wholesome vibes! Thank you to EVERYON...
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The Art has improved, the UI is much more clean and crisp. But i hate that the game-mechanic is still to RNG-based, your...
started by MuhGuy Jun 22, 2022
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I launch the demo, it takes me through the loading screens. Then the game closes and pulls up the steam page. It is a bi...
started by DEADpyrox Jun 18, 2022
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I'm done with this game. it's super fun. it's fun.馃憤
started by Cat_China Jun 03, 2022
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