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I heard that the steam Version isn't getting more updates. Is that true? Also is Paypal the only way to buy on for this game?


The game will not likely be receiving any content updates (on any platform).  Numeric has stated that he considers Ep0 and Ep1 "complete".  There may be bug fixes released, but he's looking to focus on Ep2.

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Hello buddy, I took the 6.1 version (1.6), I unpacked it, put the last uncesnsored patch, but Unreal Engine keep crashing when using the UTW_Beginnings.exe on a "Fatal error".

I tried with the others PAK file "UTW_Beginnings-WindowsNoEditor_0_P" but still not working. Could you help me please ?

Hey :) is your unreal engine updated at all?

Hi again, yep I installed the last version of UE 4.27 (iirc), and after that delet the "Lake" folder in Local, then restart the .exe as admin. Still not working..

Im not sure why our new update didnt post but we have added a patch for you :)

Thanks buddy !

bonjour je joue sur steam

j'ai un bug sur save/load

file unknown line 729

merci pour une solution.


我用了补丁,但是没有任何效果。 也是按步骤操作。


下载那个87M的文件,但这个补丁好像只针对于windows版本的,对Steam版本没效果。如果你是Steam版本,我有文件补丁。 加Q:943096551 联系我。


Maybe you´re already aware of this, but your game is on Steam under a different name 


The steam copy is legit, the dev had issues initially getting it approved by steam, and had some hoops to go through (like submitting under a new name).

All versions (steam, dlsite, itch) should contain the same content and be patched with the same files/methods.


Ok, thanks for the clarification

I fell down the map while pressing escape twice very fast, now my save is soft-locked lol.

I'll notify the dev of this bug right away. Thanks for playing!


I found the game great but geeze, could we get a girl that is kind to the protagonist? Look, I understand he's a masochist but what he needs is a girl that he can get romantically involved with and do the deed with without him getting crushed or squeezed or humiliated. I mean a nice girl who maybe gets kidnapped by a witch or the sister and he has to rescue her because he just had a tender night of doing the deed with her and he realizes that he rather gets turned on that way rather than getting sat on? Just saying. I know many people who play this hate romantic plots, but I think when done correctly it isn't too revolting.


I personally think there just needs a variation in scenes, if the player defeats them, MC is the one who's dominant instead of continuing to be submissive.

Also, too much feet stuff, some breasts stuff would be nice as well otherwise those massive melons are just wasted :P

Thanks for the feedback and thanks for playing!

In episode 1 i found a chest on the smallest building at the beginning of the episode, so i thought that there was something on the biggest building as well, so i found a way to jump on top of the building but ended up clipping through the roof and got stuck because the door is locked in the inside.

Thanks for the feedback! I'll have the dev check that for our next patch. Thank you for playing!

i did the same thing lol

In the headscissor scene there is an untraslated part in english language. It is possible to fix?

Will have it fixed for you this next patch! :) thank you

is there really someting to find in the water like the loading screen says? great game btw.

Thank you there is more to come with episode 2 but will be a while as the creator is taking his time to make sure its amazing!


I bought the game on DLsite, is the uncensored patch still can download here ? I can't find the link.



the link should be there. Its in the demo section

Thank you! I found it.

the link should be there. Its in the demo section

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Deleted 216 days ago
Deleted 216 days ago

how do you do the uncensored patch instructions are unclear

Go to where you extracted the game files, then navigate to:



Extract the patch to this location.  Once done, the Paks dir should contain:


Try the patch in ver2 first.  If the game crashes at start, delete the _0_P.pak from Paks, and replace it with the copy in ver3.

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when i try to add/extract i get this error that says cannot modify volume and doesnt let me do anything

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If you're getting an error when extracting the main game files, follow the instructions in this post:

Winzip sometimes has problems with multi-part archives.  If you follow the instructions above and still get an error, try a free archive utility like 7zip or Winrar.

bro i dont hjave a problem extracting the main game i just cant get the patch could u screenshare or record how to download it for me please

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Oh my bad dude, I have no idea what's up with the new patch.  When I downloaded it, there was a link right next to "UTW Patch.zip70 MB" and it downloaded a single archive (which extracted without issue).  I don't see a link anymore, hopefully ShadyCorner will update soon with a fixed file or link.  If not, I'll upload the files I have and send you link (my files are for ver 1_2, latest is 1_5, which is why waiting for Shady is a better idea).

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good game

thank you!

When is the next episode coming out? Can't wait for episode 2

Thank you :) it will be a while before the next episode is out as the creator is taking his time to make sure its perfect :)


hello,I brought this game on dlsite,please tell me where can i find the uncensored patch ?

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I have both parts downloaded, but when I try to extract the .zip, it says "The same volume cannot be used as both the source and the destination." 

I've tried copying the files to a flash drive (D:) and it then tells me to insert 'Disc 1'. What am I doing wrong?

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Hello :) so you only need to extract one of the files not both of them. They extract on their own once you open one of them into another. Winrar works best :)

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I got it working. Seems like Windows 10's built in Extract function doesn't cut it like the tried and true Winrar. lol Can't wait to play.

Thank you will be sure to add this to our notes

yo question about episode 0, will Numeric ever update the foot model of the dealer. I would love to see the dealer with alice tier feet *_*

Haha you never know he may do!

fun game, glad the patch works on dlsite version (:

Looking forward to episode 2 !!!!!

Thank you for playing :)

can u replay scenes? im interested in the facesitting scene , great to see a game with facesitin

Hello! You can when you return to the menu and look at the gallery and replay every tasty scene :)


Make Android version pleaseeeeeee!!!!


We can try if it gets mor popular :)


Love UnderTheWitch!! You guys should also consider set up a fan page for (more exposure and supports/subscriptions)
top notch femdom, great job team!

Hello! We actually have the patreon and dlsite page :) Thank you so much for the love and support!


How i can enjoy such as blowjob,cowgirl,fart? please tell me..

play the game :)

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Is there any plan to support English voice in ep.1? really like the Dealer's EN voice in ep.0

We wont be at this time but for future episodes we shall :)


Is anybody else having issues with the install? Getting errors about "same volume cannot be used as source and destination"


i am as well

Is there an option to mute the male character?

Hello! There is a voice mute but only for both. I shall talk to the team about it for you


Is this possible with Joi play?

Hello :) We havent tested this with JOIPlay as of yet but are willing to give it a shot if enough people are trying it.


Finnaly finished the game, a top tier femdom title. The whole team did a great job, especially Tokumori, whose animation style is an amazing blend of cartoon motion and realism. Thank you, NumericGazer and team!  Despite being a long time patreon, I will buy the next episode on once it's released. If anyone is into femdom and amazing Japanese animation, - buy it! You won't regret it! :)


Thank you so much for the love and support to NumericGazer and Shady Corner. He worked very hard on the game as we were honored to help publish it! More to come!

Can't we buy the game here? It only shows me the uncensored patch but not the game itself, will it not be available here?

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My man I wish I knew... It was available here and I bought it, but it cut out while I was downloading the second file and now it says there are no files to download. So now I have 1/2 a game.  Maybe they'll fix it later.
They did.

I hope so because I prefer getting it here rather than DLSite

The new version is up and ready to download sorry they are big files ;)

The new version is up and ready to download sorry they are big files ;)

hello! how do i get rid of the censor?

The uncensored patch is located below :)

Thank you! I finished the game today, really gooooood. Will there be any more updates?


Hi, I bought and download part 1 and 2 and the patch today but i dont know how to use it and open the game? please help.

How much gametime can u sink in it until u hit the end?

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