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NOTE: You must download both zip files and extract the zip in order for them to unpack. Then follow the instructions for the uncensored patch located below.

You are a warrior that must protect his soul from being stolen. Can you resist temptation? 

Episode 0: You the hero go toe to toe against The Dealer in a battle of magic and temptation. A turn based battle against a powerful foe who wants you under her...

Episode 1: Alice rescues you from the clutches of The Dealer to return home. From here you must regain your pride after the pathetic loss against the seductive witch.

-Episodes 0 & 1 for the first time combined into one game in collaboration with Shady Corner Games and the creator NumericGazer.

-Quest through the world of Under the Witch completing quests and sub quests

-Inventory, items and skills help you to take on the foes of the world

-Turn based battle system with sexy rewards and unlocks

-Multiple sex scenes to unlock from a collection of girls

-Change the clothing of the girls of the world

-Free roam the woods and find your fetish

-Unload your stress on the girls of Under the Witch

All characters of Under the Witch are over the age of 18. The game contains sexual acts, watersports, footplay and scent play.

Game Specs:
CPU Intel Core i5 or more メモリ 8GB RAM or more HDD 8GB or more VIDEO NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060、AMD Radeon RX 580 or more DirectX DirectX11 or more

Updated 22 hours ago
Published 4 days ago
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorShady Corner
GenreAction, Adventure
Tags3D, Adult, Erotic, Hentai, Lewd, NSFW, Swords


Buy Now
On Sale!
5% Off
$21.00 $19.95 AUD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $19.95 AUD. You will get access to the following files:

UnderTheWitchEp0&1 Part1of2 3 GB
UnderTheWitchEp0&1 Part2of2 2 GB

Download demo

Uncensored Patch + Readme 52 MB

Development log


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If you get the error code 0x80004005 you can fix it by extracting the zip with an alternate program than your files program.

Is there an option to mute the male character?

Hello! There is a voice mute but only for both. I shall talk to the team about it for you


Is this possible with Joi play?

Hello :) We havent tested this with JOIPlay as of yet but are willing to give it a shot if enough people are trying it.


Finnaly finished the game, a top tier femdom title. The whole team did a great job, especially Tokumori, whose animation style is an amazing blend of cartoon motion and realism. Thank you, NumericGazer and team!  Despite being a long time patreon, I will buy the next episode on ichi.io once it's released. If anyone is into femdom and amazing Japanese animation, - buy it! You won't regret it! :)


Thank you so much for the love and support to NumericGazer and Shady Corner. He worked very hard on the game as we were honored to help publish it! More to come!

Deleted 1 day ago

We have just updated with the new uncensored patch. If you download it again you can use the ver 3 patch and it should fix this issue :)

Cheers!  Verified it's working as intended.

Fantastic have fun :D

Can't we buy the game here? It only shows me the uncensored patch but not the game itself, will it not be available here?

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My man I wish I knew... It was available here and I bought it, but it cut out while I was downloading the second file and now it says there are no files to download. So now I have 1/2 a game.  Maybe they'll fix it later.
They did.

I hope so because I prefer getting it here rather than DLSite

The new version is up and ready to download sorry they are big files ;)

The new version is up and ready to download sorry they are big files ;)

hello! how do i get rid of the censor?

The uncensored patch is located below :)

Thank you! I finished the game today, really gooooood. Will there be any more updates?


hello numericgazer! I have ideas on how you can get your game on steam and how to uncensor it.

uncensored game: instead of completely removing it, make a secret code in the game files so that you can turn off censorship filter. fan developers can then create a "patch"/modification file that you can add onto game to remove the filter. then you arent breaking japanese law because you made a censored game but fans are modifying it so its their fault, not yours! :)

so please make it possible to do this at least. don't remove uncensored content completely!

how to get game on steam: ok, you can't get chapter 0 and 1 in steam. but make chapter 2 and onwards into a "seperate game" so it works, maybe a different name too. then you are not resubmitting the same game because its a different one. also change main character clothes and hair a bit so he look different. Most importantly: give him a strong manly beard that you can turn off in the settings. this is funny detail + it makes it so that steam cant say your character is a kid because he has a beard!

Hello :) we wont be able to as steam has blacklisted the game but thank you for the feedback. we are looking into the future of adding any of the other games to steam. or unless they change their mind.

How much gametime can u sink in it until u hit the end?


If you want we can try to sell you the game via the discord page

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Deleted 1 day ago
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